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America wants to compete with China to ban exports of ‘chips’ companies

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Shanghai: The US has banned the export of some of its advanced computer chips to China. So many big Chinese companies are surprised. Companies operating in the public cloud and artificial intelligence sectors may be in trouble.

Chip designing company Nvidia Corp said on Wednesday that US officials have said that two top computing chips are not exported to China because the chips are used in devices that work in artificial intelligence. Advanced Micro Devices Company has also said. He asked to apply for various licenses under the rules and he got that license. Therefore, the artificial intelligence chip M1250 cannot be exported to China.

China has shown unusual displeasure against this decision of the US administration. Xu Jueting, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, said that the US decision “ignores” the rights of Chinese companies, so the global supply chain will be affected and the contention in the realm of chip innovation will heighten.

KJ, a financial and strategic consulting firm in America. “We need to keep American chip organizations from providing chips to Chinese organizations,” Goldberg said. America has taken this decision very thoughtfully.

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