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American writer Salman Rushdie, couple attacked with knife on stage

Salman Rushdie
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Influenced author Salman Rushdie. Unknown assailants attacked him while speaking at a program in America on Friday. The author was seriously injured with a knife. This progressive writer has received death threats many times before.

Salman Rushdie is alive. He went to give a speech on stage. But the Booker-winning author was taken to hospital after being attacked by the assailant.

Details about his health are not available yet. However, as far as is known, it is not clear how he was when he was taken to the helicopter. However, New York Governor Cathy Hochul said, for now, the 75-year-old author has been safely taken to a hospital. Treatment is ongoing.

According to the agency AP, when the writer Salman Rushdie was giving a speech, a person armed with a knife climbed the stage and attacked with a strong storm. When Salman Rushdie was about to start his speech, that man attacked him. Immediately the injured writer fell to the ground. Then the attacker was caught.

New York Police said that Salman Rushdie was taken to the hospital by medical helicopter. His neck has been stabbed. However, the police did not reveal the current condition of the writer. The person interviewing the author was also injured. But his injury is very minor. At the same time, the police have taken the attacker into custody.

According to media sources, the Booker-winning author went to address the Shatka organization on Friday. As he was being called on stage and introduced to the audience, an unknown person entered. A knife was kept on the body of the 75-year-old writer. He was stabbed 10 to 15 times. He also punches near the neck. New York police immediately arrested the attacker.

The person also assaulted the organizer of the event. He was taken to a local hospital. The reason behind why the attack was carried out is not yet clear.

But even before that Salman Rushdie of Indian origin received death threats. Due to his writing The Satanic Verses (1980). This book has been banned from several discos in Iran. It was alleged that the book insulted Islam. A death warrant was also issued in his name on charges of ‘religion’ in that country. A bounty of $300,000 was placed on his head.

75-year-old Salman Rushdie faced threats for his book The Satanic Verses in the late 1980s. He criticized Islam in this book. Iran’s doors have been closed to Rushdie since 1988. Iran’s top leaders also announced a price on his head. There are many fatwas against him. A British citizen of Indian origin has been a resident of America for the past 20 years. Despite threats, Rushdie never shied away from writing and expressing his views. His famous books are Midnight’s Children. Satanic verses about which a lot of debate has started. He was knighted in 2007. Queen Elizabeth II of England also gave him the title of Sir. Rushdie won the Booker Prize.

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