Disease X: Panic of polio returned to Britain after 40 years, ‘Disease X’ expressed concern

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Health experts are concerned about the possibility of another outbreak before the corona epidemic is completely under control.

This time the number of people suffering from unknown diseases is increasing rapidly in Britain. Symptoms of polio have been found in the bodies of the victims. After nearly 40 years, there has been panic surrounding polio. According to health experts, if this unknown disease is not brought under control now, it will spread like a corona to other countries of the world.

In addition to corona, many people in Britain are infected with monkeypox, cholera, measles and Lhasa fever. The number of patients is also increasing every day.. Children in particular are affected by this unknown disease. Like corona, it is contagious. How this disease is spreading, how it is causing infection is unknown to the doctors. In this situation, the doctors have advised not to stop vaccinating children against polio.

The last polio patient was found in Britain 40 years ago. Three people died of Lhasa fever there in February. According to experts, Lhasa fever is transmitted through animals. And the main symptom of this disease is bleeding from the body. Doctors are also worried about those suffering from Lhasa fever.

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