This famous actress died of cardiac arrest at the age of 24

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He also had a brain stroke before cardiac arrest, due to which blood clots were formed in his brain.

Bengali film industry’s famous actress Andrila Sharma has passed away. The actress passed away on November 20 after multiple cardiac arrests. For the last few days, the condition of the actress was critical and now she has said goodbye to the world forever.

After Andrila Sharma said goodbye to the world at such a young age, all her fans are in shock. The actress was running ill for a long time. Andrilla suffered multiple cardiac arrests. Doctors also performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the actress after she suffered a heart attack. Although his condition remained critical. Andreela lost the battle of life and said goodbye to the world today.

Andrila Sharma was admitted to the hospital on 1 November in an unconscious state. It is being said that the actress had multiple cardiac arrest on November 15, after which her condition deteriorated. She was on ventilator. Before cardiac arrest, the actress had also suffered a brain stroke, due to which blood clots had accumulated in her brain. After a brain stroke, the actress has now died of multiple cardiac arrest. The team of doctors tried hard to save Andrila but she lost the battle of life while fighting the disease.

Andrila Sharma had fought twice against a serious disease like cancer. The actress has returned to acting after winning the battle with cancer for the second time. Earlier, the critical surgery of the actress was also done. She has also taken chemotherapy sessions. After chemotherapy, the doctors declared him cancer free. But suddenly the health of the actress deteriorated again and she was admitted to the hospital.

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