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India and China together in Russia’s ‘war games’: America’s concern rises

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Moscow: Military exercises of many countries including India and China are going on in Russia. 50,000 soldiers, 5,000 heavy weapons and equipment, 140 warships and 60 warships will participate in the military exercise, which will run from September 1 to September 7. Given this, it would be one of the few major military exercises ever recorded.

In this regard, observers are saying that Russia, almost isolated after the Ukraine war, has tried to bring the powerful countries of the world closer to it. The most surprising thing is that both India and China have been mutual enemies for decades. They are also going to take part in this military exercise. In such a circumstance, America’s anxiety has expanded.

Everyone knows that neither India nor China criticized Russia after the attack on Ukraine.

EXCLUSIVE: The US and European countries have questioned India’s silence on the issue and sought support with the argument of democracy.

It is known as Vostok 2022 War-Games. The war games have raised US concerns. He has said that any country involved in these war games is a matter of concern for America.

The countries involved in the STO led by Russia are participating in this military exercise.

The US has increased its defense cooperation with India in the past few years, but the move of Indian troops to Russia remains a matter of concern for the US.

India has ongoing border disputes with China and Pakistan. India has decided to buy S-400 missiles with Russia. Apart from this, 30 fighter jets are also to be purchased from Russia.

China says it has deployed its ground forces, air force and navy for the exercise so it can focus on countering US threats in the Pacific Ocean.

Most notably, Russia used the pretext of this exercise as a member of the former Soviet Union. It will also connect the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Apart from this, Latin America’s Syria, Algeria, Mongolia, Laos and Nicaragua also joined it and Russia’s influence will spread in those countries too.

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