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India and France are holding detailed discussions on change and diversity in the UN Security Council

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United Nations/New Delhi: India and France held detailed discussions on reforming and diversifying the UN Security Council. Further strengthening of cooperation between the two countries and issues affecting both countries are also being discussed.

The Ministry of External Affairs says that Joint Secretary (UN Political) Prakash Gupta led the Indian representation in these talks. Officials from the Indian Embassy in Paris also accompanied him. The French delegation was led by French Ambassador Fabian Pinon. He is the director of the International Organization for Human Rights, also representing France in the European Union. Senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France also participated in this meeting.

During these negotiations, in September and December 1922 respectively, France and India chaired the Committee of Safety, the two countries also agreed on priorities. Apart from this, talks were also held on strengthening India-France cooperation at various levels and strengthening the United Nations peacekeeping force to combat terrorism and reforming the Security Council to make it multi-faceted.

It is noteworthy that currently more than 1000 businessmen and experts from France are involved in various fields like Defense ITES Consultancy, Engineering Services, Heavy Industry etc. in India. France ranks 7th in foreign capital investment in India. From 2 April 2020 to December 2020 its total investment (FDI stock) has reached 9 billion dollars. Which is only 2 percent of the total foreign investment in India.

Although India is in surplus in trade between India and France, Indo-France trade has so far been very low in proportion to its potential.

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