Rey’s Return: Daisy Ridley Confirms “New Jedi Order” Script on the Horizon

The Force is still strong with Daisy Ridley! After years of speculation about her return to the Star Wars galaxy, the actress has finally addressed rumors surrounding a new Rey Skywalker movie. In an exclusive interview with Collider, Ridley set the record straight, confirming that the script for her highly anticipated Star Wars project is nearing completion. This news comes as a welcome relief to fans who were captivated by Ridley’s portrayal of Rey throughout the sequel trilogy.

The Rise of Skywalker: A Legacy Waiting to Continue

The conclusion of “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker” left Rey’s fate hanging in the balance. Having defeated the resurrected Emperor Palpatine and embraced the Skywalker legacy, Rey stood alone on the desert planet Tatooine, wielding the legendary yellow lightsaber. While the film offered a sense of closure, it also left plenty of room for further adventures. Fan theories have been swirling ever since, with many speculating on the direction a new Rey-centric Star Wars movie might take. Would she embark on a quest to rebuild the Jedi Order? Would she face a new threat to the galaxy? Ridley’s recent interview sheds some light on these questions, hinting at an exciting future for the character.

“New Jedi Order”: A Title and a Promise?

While Ridley remained tight-lipped about the plot details of the new film, she did confirm the working title – “New Jedi Order.” This title resonates deeply with Star Wars lore, referencing the Jedi academy established by Luke Skywalker after the fall of the Empire. Could this be a hint that Rey will play a pivotal role in reviving the Jedi Order and training a new generation of Force-wielders? The “New Jedi Order” also evokes memories of the popular Star Wars Legends book series of the same name. While the new film won’t be a direct adaptation, it’s possible that it might borrow some thematic elements or character inspiration from those stories.

A Script in Sight: Filming on the Horizon?

One of the biggest takeaways from Ridley’s interview is the confirmation that the script for “New Jedi Order” is nearing completion. She revealed her excitement about finally getting a chance to read it, hinting that filming could potentially begin later this year or early next year. This news is sure to send shivers down the spines of Star Wars fans who have been eagerly awaiting Rey’s return. However, Ridley did acknowledge the potential delays caused by the recent writers’ strike in Hollywood. While the initial plan was to begin filming this year, it’s possible that production might be pushed back to early 2025.

What to Expect from “New Jedi Order”: Themes and Speculations

With the script still under wraps, specific plot details remain a mystery. However, based on the title and Ridley’s past comments, we can make some educated guesses about the potential themes and direction of the film.

Rebuilding the Jedi Order: One of the most likely themes is Rey’s journey to rebuild the Jedi Order after the events of the sequel trilogy. This could involve her searching for new Force sensitives, establishing a training academy, and grappling with the challenges of carrying on Luke Skywalker’s legacy.

The Legacy of the Force: The sequel trilogy explored the complexities of the Force and its connection to the Skywalker bloodline. “New Jedi Order” might delve deeper into this concept, exploring the nature of the Force beyond the boundaries of lineage and blood.

New Threats Emerge: The Star Wars universe is vast and teeming with potential adversaries. The film could introduce a new villain or threat that Rey and the nascent Jedi Order must confront. This villain could be a remnant of the Sith, a new Force-wielding faction, or even an unexpected threat from the unknown corners of the galaxy.

The Cast and Crew: Who’s Returning, and Who’s New?

While no official casting announcements have been made, it’s natural to wonder who might join Ridley on her next Star Wars adventure. Will familiar faces from the sequel trilogy return, such as John Boyega (Finn) or Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron)? Or will the film introduce a brand new cast of characters to support Rey’s mission?

The directorial chair for “New Jedi Order” also remains unconfirmed. J.J. Abrams, who helmed “The Force Awakens” and co-wrote “The Rise of Skywalker,” could potentially return. Alternatively, Disney and Lucasfilm might choose to hand the reins over to a new filmmaker with a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe.

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