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Russia bought weapons from Korea, US intelligence agency says

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Washington – According to the US intelligence department, Russia is buying millions of artillery shells and rockets from North Korea. This proves that Ukraine has suffered a setback in its supply chain since it attacked Russia due to sanctions in February. Russia has become ‘untouchable’ to most countries of the world in terms of military equipment.

Earlier, Russia bought drone insurance from Iran. This shows that the sanctions imposed on Russia are having a profound effect. The New York Times reports that the ‘declassified’ documents provide limited information on various types of weapons, but confirm that Russia purchased drones from Iran at the same time. Must have bought weapons from Korea.

“Institute for the Study of War” team leader Mason Clark and his team said in the New York Times, referring to Russia, that “Krambin must be so angry and so worried that he didn’t buy anything from Korea.

Korea also continues to build nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles, making it an ‘untouchable’ factor for the countries. Some time ago the President of Russia Putin and Mr. A correspondence between Korean President Kim-Jong-un took place in which the two leaders emphasized on enhancing comprehensive, strategic and system-area (strategic) cooperation between the two countries.

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