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Taiwan’s warning, shots fired at China’s flying drones, fear of escalation of war

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In the Pacific region, the movement between China and Taiwan to turn Ukraine into Russia has intensified. For the past two weeks, China has increased pressure on Taiwan. Military exercises off the coast of Taiwan. A Chinese fighter plane crashed in the sky over Taiwan. Taiwan is being threatened by flying drones, however Taiwan has decided to confront China and is preparing to retaliate.

According to the information received, Taiwan has shown its readiness and determination by firing at China’s flying drones. According to a Taiwanese spokesman, it was a warning shorts. In view of the tension between China and Taiwan, such a step has been taken for the first time. According to Taiwan’s military spokesman, the Chinese drone was flying close to the Chinese border in Taiwan-controlled territory. So Taiwan was forced to fire drones.

The shooting was done around a drone so it is being treated as a genuine warning. Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased after US Senate President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan regarding China. Taiwan is relatively dwarfed by China, but with the help and guidance of the US, China is being forced to take steps to prepare. However, under the One China Policy, China considers Taiwan as its own, so it becomes aggressive.

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