Lifestyle Tips: Mosquitoes Outbreak! What is the home remedies to solve the problem?

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Tips: Mosquitoes Outbreak!

The outbreak of mosquitoes has also increased in the city these days. The increasing infestation of mosquitoes has given rise to new mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria. Using a mosquito net or electric bat to get rid of mosquitoes is not working. Many do not want to use harmful coils again. And there are so many mosquitoes that it is impossible to kill them with a bat. However, if you want, you can also adopt some home remedies to drive away mosquitoes. With the help of which you can drive away mosquitoes without mosquito coil and electric bat. eg,


Plant some basil in the tub, near the window or on the porch. You will see that the mosquitoes will run away.


Mosquitoes can’t tolerate the smell of camphor at all. Put 50 grams piece of camphor in a small bowl and fill it with water. Then put in the corner of the “room. Change the water after two days.

Neem oil:

Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell of neem. Applying neem oil on the skin provides relief from mosquito bites. Keeping only neem leaves in every corner of the house will reduce the outbreak of mosquitoes.


Garlic is known to be a mosquito repellent. Boil a few cloves of garlic in water or grind it in a blender. Now sprinkle water at different places of the house. You will see that the mosquitoes have disappeared.

Lemon and Cloves:

Cut one or two lemons in half. Then put a lot of cloves inside the cut lemon. The flowering part of the clove will be outside and the back will be stuck in the lemon. Now place the lemon slices on a plate in the corner of the room. You see, after some time mosquitoes do not come in the house.


Mosquitoes do not like perfume. To repel mosquitoes, you can use perfume, perfume or lotion on your body or clothes. You can apply it on your body even before sleeping at night. This will also work.

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