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Voting ends for new UK prime minister: results on Monday

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Today was the last day for members of the Conservative Party to vote for the UK’s new Prime Minister. Counting of votes will be held on September 5 and the name of the new Prime Minister will be announced on the same day. After this, the newly elected Prime Minister of Britain will take oath in Scotland. The Prime Minister’s election is between Rishi Sanak and Liz Truss. 1,60,000 members of the Conservative Party voted for either party. However, according to the major election surveys so far, the victory of Liz Truss is considered certain.

The British Prime Minister’s decision date is approaching. After a grueling campaign, Tory party members cast their final vote today. The results will be announced on Monday, but the country’s foreign minister Liz Truss is ahead of Indian-origin Rishi Shank. He will become the new Prime Minister of Britain.

After the ruling Conservative Party (Tory Party) confirmed someone for the post of Prime Minister, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hand in his resignation letter to Queen Elizabeth.

Boris Johnson decided to step down as Prime Minister last July, after several of his ministers resigned following his policies and so-called scandals. After this, Tory party members started online and postal voting. With 1.60 lakh members, the Trus received huge support in the elections.

However, it will be a crown of thorns for the new Prime Minister. He will face financial challenges. Inflation and rising cost of living will also have to contend with skyrocketing fuel prices and rising inflation due to the Russia-Ukraine war. People complain that there has been an increase of 80 percent in household expenses in the last few months.

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