Bass Pro Shops, North America’s Premier Outdoor and Conservation Company, Updates: Excitement Abounds!

New Destination Store in Texas: Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Get Ready, West Texas! Bass Pro Shops is Coming to Odessa The Lone Star State is getting a brand new Bass Pro Shops location! After initially considering a Midland site, the company has announced a revised plan for a larger, 100,000-square-foot destination store in Odessa. This exciting development will cater to the passionate outdoor community of the Permian Basin Region, offering an even wider selection of quality outdoor gear, expert advice, and an immersive shopping experience.

Scheduled to open in spring 2025, the new store promises to be a haven for hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, and anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

Why is this update important?

This expansion demonstrates Bass Pro Shops’ commitment to serving the Texas outdoor community. The larger store will offer a wider selection of products and cater to diverse interests. The location will create jobs and boost the local economy. The opening is eagerly anticipated by outdoor enthusiasts in the region.

Conservation Efforts: Leading the Charge for a Healthier Planet

Bass Pro Shops: More Than Just a Retailer, a Conservation Champion

Bass Pro Shops isn’t just about selling great gear; it’s also deeply committed to protecting the very resources that make outdoor adventures possible. The company’s Johnny Morris Foundation has been a leading force in conservation efforts for decades, investing millions of dollars in projects that benefit wildlife and their habitats.

Recent updates highlight their continued dedication to this vital cause:

  • Johnny Morris Wonders of Wildlife National Aquarium: This award-winning aquarium, located in Springfield, Missouri, recently received its fifth consecutive designation as “America’s Best Aquarium” by USA Today. This recognition reinforces Wonders of Wildlife’s dedication to education, conservation, and providing visitors with unforgettable encounters with aquatic wonders.
  • Thunder Ridge Nature Arena: This unique outdoor amphitheater in Branson, Missouri, officially opened in February 2024. Designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, Thunder Ridge will host concerts, events, and educational programs, all while contributing to conservation efforts through ticket sales and partnerships.

Why are these updates important?

Bass Pro Shops and the Johnny Morris Foundation are setting an example for other businesses to prioritize conservation. Their initiatives directly contribute to the protection of wildlife and habitats across North America. These updates inspire individuals to get involved in conservation efforts.

Beyond the Headlines: Looking Ahead with Bass Pro Shops

While the new Texas store and ongoing conservation efforts are exciting news, Bass Pro Shops is constantly innovating and looking ahead. Here are some additional updates to keep your outdoor radar buzzing:

  • Continued Expansion: The company is committed to opening new stores across North America, bringing its unique shopping experience to more communities.
  • Omnichannel Retail: Bass Pro Shops is investing in its online presence and mobile app, offering a seamless shopping experience for customers who prefer to shop from anywhere.
  • Community Engagement: Look for Bass Pro Shops to participate in outdoor events, educational programs, and conservation initiatives in your area.

Calling All Outdoor Enthusiasts: Join the Adventure

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting to explore the outdoors, Bass Pro Shops is a valuable resource for gear, information, and inspiration. With their commitment to conservation and dedication to providing a positive outdoor experience, they’re more than just a store – they’re a community.

So, explore their latest updates, visit a store near you, and join them in celebrating the wonders of the natural world

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