Adult Swim Pranks Smiling Friends Fans with Hilarious April Fool’s Surprise and Announces Real Premiere Date

Get ready to keep on smiling, because Adult Swim’s hit show Smiling Friends is finally returning for season two! Or at least, that’s what they had us believing for a hilarious April Fool’s Day prank.

This year, Adult Swim decided to target the much-anticipated return of Smiling Friends, a show that quickly garnered a cult following after its debut in 2020. With fans eagerly awaiting news on season two, Adult Swim cleverly played on their anticipation to deliver a classic April Fool’s surprise.

The Prank That Had Everyone Grinning

In the lead-up to April 1st, Adult Swim ramped up promotion for Smiling Friends. Social media posts teased new episodes, cryptic messages hinted at a special broadcast, and the network even went as far as creating mock news articles claiming the show’s return.

The excitement reached a fever pitch on the night of April 1st. Adult Swim aired a special broadcast titled “Smiling Friends premieres begin globally starting…” Fans tuned in, expecting the long-awaited premiere, only to be met with a twist.

The “premiere” turned out to be a hilarious puppet show version of Smiling Friends. The episode, cleverly titled “April Fools 2024: Smiling Friends (Puppet Version),” featured the show’s main characters, Pim and Charlie, in a bizarre puppet rendition.

While the puppet show wasn’t the actual season two premiere, it was undeniably funny and a perfect embodiment of Smiling Friends’ signature offbeat humor. The episode poked fun at the fans’ eagerness and served as a lighthearted reminder that it was, after all, April Fool’s Day.

Don’t Frown Yet! The Real Smiling Friends Premiere Date is Here

But fear not, Smiling Friends fans! While Adult Swim used April 1st to have some fun, the good news is that season two is indeed on its way. The “puppet premiere” episode itself cleverly revealed the real premiere date hidden within its title: May 12th, 2024!

That’s right, mark your calendars! Smiling Friends will be back to spread its unique brand of cheer, with new episodes airing on Adult Swim every Sunday starting May 12th.

The wait may be a little longer, but with the creativity and humor showcased in the April Fool’s prank, there’s no doubt that season two will be well worth the wait.

So, What Can We Expect from Season Two of Smiling Friends?

While details about the upcoming season are still under wraps, the first season’s success gives us some clues about what to expect.

Smiling Friends quickly gained a loyal following thanks to its blend of dark humor, surreal animation, and offbeat characters. The show follows Pim and Charlie, a pair of best friends who run a company dedicated to making people smile, no matter how strange the request.

Each episode throws Pim and Charlie into absurd situations as they try to fulfill their clients’ desires, with hilarious and often disturbing results. Season one was praised for its originality, unpredictable storylines, and clever use of animation.

With the core creative team returning for season two, we can expect more of the same bizarre charm that made Smiling Friends a hit. There might be new characters, even weirder requests, and of course, Pim and Charlie’s unwavering dedication (and questionable methods) to spreading smiles.

Adult Swim’s History of April Fool’s Day Pranks

Adult Swim is known for its tradition of elaborate April Fool’s Day jokes. Over the years, the network has pulled off some truly hilarious pranks, from fake channel rebrands to website takeovers.

The Smiling Friends prank is a perfect example of Adult Swim’s ability to use humor and creativity to engage with its audience. While it may have initially fooled fans, the ultimate reveal of the real premiere date left everyone grinning (pun intended).

So, whether you fell for the prank or not, one thing’s for sure: Adult Swim knows how to celebrate April Fool’s Day in style. And with the real Smiling Friends season two on the horizon, there’s plenty to smile about in the coming months.

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