5 Things Walt Disney Needs to Fix – and Fast: Keeping the Magic Alive in a Changing World

The Walt Disney Company holds a unique place in the hearts of millions. For generations, it’s conjured up dreams, laughter, and unforgettable moments. But even the most magical empires need regular tweaks, especially in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Here are 5 key areas where Disney might want to sprinkle some pixie dust for a 2024 refresh:

1. Price Tag Panic: Striking a Balance Between Affordability and Enchantment

Disney vacations are legendary, but their rising costs can be daunting. Ticket prices, food, souvenirs – everything seems to be on an upward trajectory. While maintaining quality is crucial, the company risks alienating budget-conscious families, the very demographic on which Disney built its foundation.


  • Tiered pricing options: Introduce varying park access levels at different price points. Perhaps a “bronze” level offers basic park access, while a “platinum” includes fast passes and exclusive experiences.
  • Value-driven promotions: Offer targeted discounts and packages for specific periods or demographics, like families, seniors, or off-season travel.
  • Unbundle and personalize: Allow guests to tailor their experience by selecting individual components like meals and shows, keeping costs flexible.

2. Streaming Overload: Content Curation in a Competitive Landscape

Disney+ burst onto the scene with beloved classics and new hits, but the streaming wars are fierce. With competitors offering diverse content libraries, Disney needs to focus on quality and curation.


  • Prioritize quality over quantity: Invest in creating fewer, but truly exceptional shows and movies that resonate with Disney’s core values.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion: Showcase stories that reflect the global audience, ensuring everyone feels seen and welcome.
  • Rejuvenate beloved classics: Refresh older content with modern touches for new generations without losing the nostalgic magic.

3. Park Maintenance Magic: Addressing Aging Infrastructure and Overcrowding

The sheer popularity of Disney parks can sometimes strain their infrastructure. Long lines, aging rides, and overcrowding can detract from the magical experience.


  • Invest in park upgrades: Modernize older rides, improve queuing systems, and expand park capacity to manage crowds effectively.
  • Dynamic pricing and reservations: Use data-driven pricing to manage peak periods and encourage off-season visits.
  • Virtual queueing and augmented reality: Leverage technology to make waiting times more engaging and offer immersive experiences within the parks.

4. The Employee Experience: Keeping the Cast Smiling

Disney cast members are the heart and soul of the magic. Ensuring their well-being and fair treatment is crucial for both employee morale and guest experience.


  • Competitive wages and benefits: Offer compensation and benefits that match the rising cost of living, demonstrating employee value.
  • Work-life balance and flexibility: Implement scheduling options and support systems that enable cast members to thrive outside of work.
  • Empowerment and recognition: Foster a culture of feedback, growth, and recognition to keep employees engaged and motivated.

5. The Ever-Evolving Narrative: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion while Protecting Legacy

Disney has traditionally catered to a specific audience, but the world is evolving. Striking a balance between celebrating its legacy and embracing inclusivity requires careful navigation.


  • Authentic representation: Showcase diverse characters and stories that go beyond tokenism, ensuring all visitors feel welcome.
  • Open and transparent dialogue: Engage in honest conversations about representation and address concerns regarding classic content with sensitivity.
  • Focus on shared values: Remember that while stories may evolve, the core values of kindness, friendship, and imagination remain universal.

Remember, the magic lies in adaptation. Walt Disney himself was a pioneer, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries. Keeping his spirit alive means evolving with the times while cherishing the core values that made Disney what it is today. By addressing these concerns, Disney can ensure that the magic thrives for generations to come, attracting new audiences while captivating loyal fans. What do you think Disney needs to fix? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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